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The virtual version of Wine & Tricks is in full swing and the reviews are coming in!

New dates will be added regularly to the Tickets page, so keep coming back to see what's coming!


~  Les

"My mind is still blown."

~  Linda

"We planned this night for weeks... amazing!"

~  Laura

"I smiled so much my face hurts!"

~  Lynne

"Innovative and so much fun!"

~  John

"A total blast!"

~  Adam

"We loved Pickle and the levitation trick!"

~  Esme

"The Mystery Envelope was a great twist."

~  Annabel

"Pretty sweet!"

~  Mel

"You'll be spellbound."

~  Jason

"Slack-jawed, gobsmacked, and astonished."

~  Jeff

"So much fun ZOOMing and WINEing!"

~  PJ

"We loved Pickle, the alien assistant!"

~  Heather

The in-person Wine & Tricks experience was a smash success at the Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills. The quotes on this page were taken from the all-positive reviews on the event's GROUPON page, which can be found here. All photos are of the Wine & Tricks attendees over the years.

"This show blew my mind. I have no idea how the magician pulled off these tricks and I was watching him like a hawk."


"You think you would be able to figure out the tricks. NOT AT ALL."


"Amazing magic tricks. I was sitting up close and didn't have a clue how he did these tricks."


"What a great night out! Anthony completely blows you away, even sitting right next him you have no clue how he does it. Drinking, laughing and great magic tricks...what more could you want? Highly recommend!"


"I was amazed, I couldn't figure out any of the tricks, and I was sitting just a few feet away. Magician Asimov is very entertaining"


"The best close up magic that you will ever see!"


"We had the best time! The wine was fantastic and the magic was simply amazing!"


"The magic show was epic and amazing."



"The magician was AMAZING!!!!!!!!"


"My husband and I attended the show for date night, and we absolutely enjoyed ourselves. We felt like eager little kids sitting next to Anthony. He was personable, very engaging, and super talented! Trick after trick after trick, he blew our minds!"


"Anthony has an amazing energy and passion for the show. He's awesome, the show is awesome. You got to go see this show!"


"Date night must!!!"


"This show was amazing!!! Not only are his illusions fantastic, but his ability to guide a crowd is amazing as well! I went to sleep that night thinking "if only I picked the 9th card instead of the 8th???" which is exactly what he predicted would happen when I went to sleep."


"The magician was very entertaining, witty and truly a magician: His hands were definitely quicker than our eyes!"


"The wine was amazing and Anthony is great and kept us captivated the entire time!"



We promise YOU will be smiling, too, when you attend the virtual version of Wine & Tricks!

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