Anthony Asimov is a regular performer at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, has performed on national television, and his weekly show at the Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills ran for four successful years. He is also a magic innovator, author, and producer of instructional materials for other magicians.


This event is not pre-taped,

it is a LIVE virtual show.

Watching solo?

Date night for two? 

Family of ten?

Each one-hour virtual Wine & Tricks show will take place using Zoom with a maximum of 25 households per show.

Anthony will astonish you with close-up illusions that will blow your mind, virtually interacting with you! You simply won't believe your eyes!

His magic is mysterious, humorous, family-friendly, and of course... IMPOSSIBLE.

Anthony is also a connoisseur of adventurous wines, and was thrilled to partner with Sleight of Hand Cellars to curate the ultimate magical experience!

Sleight of Hand Cellars is a boutique winery in Washington that has been featured in Wine Spectator magazine and the Wine Advocate, and has had numerous wines placing in the industry’s various Top 100 lists.


The names of their spellbinding wines are aptly inspired from the world of magic, and they are simply perfect to pair with a magic show. At the Magic Castle in Hollywood, attendees are always sipping wine during the magic shows, and this is your chance to have the same experience in the comfort of your own home.

Red Wine

The Magician's Assistant

Cabernet Franc Rosé

The Spellbinder

Bold Red Blend

The Enchantress


The Conjuror

Complex Red Blend

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Photography by Alsu Sabirova, Taylor Wong, and Melissa Ranieri-Russell. CW Network photos used by permission.